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11-25-2006, 04:13 PM
Blind Gardien
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Posting Patrick Roy's stats is pointless. The whole purpose of Whitesnake's thread is to find out the story *behind* the stats from anybody who has seen Price recently. Good goalies (usually on bad teams) can have bad stats, sure. That's where the Roy example comes in. Bad goalies (on really good teams) can have great stats too. And in Price's case... what about mediocre stats on an average team? Who knows? It's beside the point. I'm wondering how Price has been playing too.

Even before we drafted him, I came away thoroughly unimpressed from the WU-18. That dampened my spirits on him when he was announced as our pick, of course. Subsequently, many of us haven't seen a lot. Some people say he deserved a spot on last year's WJC team, but that optionalpractisegate did him in. But my vague recollection is that he wasn't exactly putting up a wall in the camp either (3 goalies basically flopped, only 1 played well). We give him good reviews on his NHL exhibition games in general. Although that's a very small sampling. I was no more impressed from the Prospects Tourney than I was at the WU-18 overall. Some brilliancy followed by some mediocrity. We'll see him against the sub-par Russian squad next week. We'll get some WJC camp stories. Sportsnet has a Tri-City game on its CHL sked this year (Jan.23 vs. Vancouver), so maybe we'll get that chance too.

Generally speaking, it's a spotty record for a #5 overall pick, I'd say. I'm thinking I've seen him around 10 times now myself, but nothing since camp. I too would like to hear something more about his play, beyond what just looking at his stats can tell us. And definitely more than what looking at Patrick Roy's stats can tell us.

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