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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
I write this almost apologetically, I have watched 6 episodes of The Wire and I am not getting what drives such admiration and devotion to the series. It's got an insane 9.4 rating in IMDB which means that I am in the company of about 5 other people on the planet who aren't into it.

To me it's a plodding story with unlikeable characters and poor writing. Writers Guild rates it in it's top 10 of all time, but with every third word being "fck" the dialogue seems lazy to me. Keep in mind I've had some recent time on my hands and have rolled through BB, , Homeland, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, and House of Cards and so maybe I've set the bar too high.

In any case I may regret these words, some user reviews in IMDB did warn that the initial 6 episodes or more set the table for what then took off as a great series. And members here haven't really steered me wrong yet. I think I will be patient but it's discouraging at the outset.

And honestly I'd like to punch out Mcnulty with his own fists. He's an insubordinate a-hole with no likeability. And if it's a series built on it's "realistic portrayal" of police work it's got a way to go. Drug raids are not typically done in the middle of the day with police sirens and shouting cops giving everyone notice and time to flee. Cops don't meet with judges to consult on cases. When does "realistic" kick in?

Please someone assure me it gets better.
if you don't like McNutty then there's a good chance you won't like the show. It's hilarious that one of your reasons for liking him is because he's 'insubordinate'. hahaha.

One of the creators was a life long cop. If every discrepancy with realism is going to effect your enjoyment then I can't think of much hollywood entertainment that you couldn't find problems with. Stuff like that never really bothered me, my suspension of disbelief is infinitely huge.

I think there are aspects of it that are realistic maybe more in it's view of the world more so then the procedural part. Tons of the Wire I didn't find 'realistic' (more so as it goes on for sure) but overall it's philosophy and how it tackles a lot of the issues it brings up is maybe more so where the realism comes from. If details like the ones you mentioned are going to continue to bother you then it's not going to get any better, hahaha.

I don't think I heard as much of the 'best show ever' hype before I watched it so that probably helped. I was just about continually in awe by the show and I think it might be the best show I've ever watched.

I'd tell you to stick with it. If you can shake the realism stigma and the enormous hype it will definitely help. I've been in that spot before and all you do is just kind of look for faults and everything wrong gets magnified.

oh yeah and the character arc of a lot of these guys' renders them more likeable as the show goes on for sure.

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