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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It's broadly recognised as the greatest American show ever made. Not liking The Wire and liking TV is equivalent to not liking Mozart in spite of liking music, not liking Citizen Kane or Casablanca in spite of liking movies, et cetera. It happens, sometimes people have distinct tastes and sensibilities.

The use of the word "****" doesn't mean poor writing. He's going for a realistic look, which is why the word **** is used. If you pay attention, you'll notice that each of the characters has a different voice. That takes a lot of skill to pull off, most shows don't.
Whoa, I am not going to feel this much guilt. As close to consensus of "Greatest American Show Ever Made" is The Sopranos. It's the top of most lists, including the writers guild list I quoted.

As I said I am 6 episodes in, I will plod on, much like the series seems to be doing in it's character development phase.

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