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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
If you expect to be in 3 cup finals and 1 ECF every 6 years, then you are going to be disappointed an awful lot. Its just not a realistic expectation. I'm disappointed that we haven't done better. The worst was clearly the circus that was the Philly series, but getting swept by Boston really stings too.

I said it last night, we SHOULD have a few more wins and probably an extra series win or two. We should have beaten Montreal. We should have won a game or two against Boston and an extra game or two against Philly and probably taken the series. We have messed up enough to give away that much. Another finals appearance? We could have, but other teams have been good enough every year to deserve those appearances too.
We have never been a strong enough favorite that anything short of the finals was underachieving. Disappointing as a fan? Sure. But you're talking about being disgusted with the team. That's a fine word for the Philly series. Hell, I can understand it for getting swept by Boston even. But some of you are talking like anything short of the finals every other season is disgusting and excessive underachievement. Its not. Its unreasonable expectations.

I am disappointed with our recent lack of success and would have been disappointed if I had taken your time machine test. That doesn't make the negative reactions of some around here any less over the top. Or the positive responses by others just as over the top. There are some here who if you did your time machine test and just said "in 2013 we haven't won a Cup since 2009" who would say its embarrassing. And those people are ridiculous.

ps: there was no close call against the Isles. We won in 6. It happens.
Did you actually read what I wrote? The part that I marked in bold from your post actually is my position. My comment about losing four years in a row in the cup finals was a direct reply to sniper26's saying 'it's cup or bust, so people would see no difference between four cup losses in a row and what the Pens have done the last four playoffs'. I called BS on that, and I think rightfully so.

People here are getting too caught up in word games. And, frankly, it's become an excuse to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room. So, I'll repeat myself: It's June 2009. The Pens have just won a cup. Now, I'm a psychic, so I'm going to tell you about the next four years. They'll win a grand total of 3 playoff series. They'll beat a Sens squad that had missed the playoff the year before and was swept by the Pens the year before that in 6 games the year after winning the cup. In 2013, they'll beat an Isles team that hadn't sniffed the playoffs for years and an injury depleted Sens team before getting swept in their one ECF appearance in the four years after winning the cup.

Go back to June 2009. Sid is 21. Geno is 22. And, what I've told you is coming is in fact all they'll have to show for the four years that would come. Would you have cared then about excuses?

This has become comical. Arguments if a word choice is right. Someone else basically saying 'well, it's cup or bust, so who cares what happened since you didn't win'. Others saying, 'well, only Chicago and Boston have more to show for the last four years'.

Honestly, at some point, the excuses become a crutch. A year with a bad break, maybe even two out of four? I get it. But, name one year where you can say 'the Pens laid it all out there but just came up short'. Name one year where the word 'underachievement' wouldn't apply to what the Pens did in the playoffs.

Again, I'm not talking about a bad break or expecting the Pens to win every series. But, in June 2009, if you'd have asked me what can we reasonably expect from the Pens in the next four postseasons, I'm pretty sure that my answer would've been 'not this ****'.

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