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09-29-2013, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by JA#11 View Post
I love the sky-high overconfidence of Devil fans....can't wait to hear the excuses like we have about how dominant they were last yr but just had bad puck!!!

Just because you guys got some new faces, none outside of Schnieder warrants the circle jerk that's been going on in Devil land.

Jägr may start strong but will be totally gassed by new yrs day, Ryder while on a good contract is as streaky as it comes with the goal scoring and when he's not scoring goals he brings nothing else, Clowe may be the slowest player in the NHL and is a rapidly declining power forward who yrs of tough play seems to have hit him all at once as we've seen often with players like him over 30.

Zajac gives not one Eason to believe he will again be a significant offensive player and looks more to be an elite 3rd liner who can put up35 pts but simply lacks the offensive ability to create enough to be a top 2 line center on a good offensive team.

That puts a ton of pressure on Henrique to be the top and maybe only offensive center and when a guy is coming off a season where he was only on pace for a whopping ten whole assists that may be asking a bit much...

The Devils defense is also among, if not the worst team at creating offense from the backend and that hasn't changed.

And while Schneider is a legit top goalie I can't wait for the drama where he has to sit on the bench for AT LEAST HALF the games because Marty's ego will dictate that even if he isn't nearly as good as Cory so that will be fun watching, especially with Schnieder free to walk free after next season if he doesn't get the role he is looking for...

Other than that, you're right--- they look great!!
Im just glad they learned what icing and offsides are instead of asking everyone why there was a whistle.

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