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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
Then we pretty much agree. I didn't read the entire back and forth between the two of you. I was responding to what I quoted. You were making a point and responding to him, but other people seem to actually expect us to be in the finals or ECF every year.

It would be disappointing for sure. But its hard to judge though without knowing who we lost to or how/why we lost. You aren't mentioning Sid and Geno being out. You aren't mentioning that we are losing to teams that are every bit as good as we are in most years. You aren't mentioning that we acted like 3 year old's who just had a toy taken away. You aren't mentioning that we blew a 3-1 lead in one of them. Its just not enough information to make a real educated opinion.

2010-2011 was over-achievement if anything. Missing Sid and Geno, we took a team that was a game away from the finals to a game 7 and only gave up 1 goal. Blowing a 3-1 series lead sucks. But the fact that we ever had a 3-1 series lead against anybody that year was pretty damn unlikely considering Letestu, Kovalev and Kennedy were staples of our offense.

Montreal was the worst as far as underachieving goes. Philly was the most embarrassing because of how childish we were and how we lost, but nobody should have looked at that series as an easy win. The 4 seed losing to the 5 seed is nothing shocking. Similarly, getting swept is rough. But that was another series where losing it really isn't all that shocking. Boston was a really good team. The 2 seed beat the 1 seed.

The way we have lost has been very disappointing. The actual results as far as series wins isn't all that surprising when you realize we have lost to 3 teams that were pretty much on par with us. Montreal is clearly the most disappointing result. I guess I'm weird because I think both the results AND the way they happen are important. And even though the way the losses have happened suck and make them disappointing, the results still put us into the category with the other top teams in the league.

Right. That's fine. I expected better than this too. But not to the extent that others seem to.
What extent do others expect? I didn't catch those critical of the Pens playoff record saying 'cup or bust every year, and anything less reinforces the position that the Pens are playoff disappointments or embarrassments' or whatever else you want to call it. I did catch some people here defending what the Pens have done using that as a straw man argument, basically saying some people here would have been as critical if the Pens had lost the last four seasons in the cup finals every year.

Should have beaten Montreal. Shouldn't have been embarrassed against Philly. Could have found a way to capitalize on the 3-1 lead against Tampa. Should have dominated one playoff round the last four years like 2008 (all rounds in the east) or 2009 (the ECF). Should've won a game against Boston . . .

As I said, some of this is about the proverbial breaks. But, ALL of the breaks going against you . . . at some point, it ceases to be about luck and becomes about chronic underachievement. While one can debate where precisely that point is, the Pens already have crossed it. And, THAT, rather than isolated instances of losing or bad breaks, is what makes the four year record disappointing.

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