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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Its the media, they won't focus on it because it doesn't fit their agenda. Three enforcers die in one summer and all of the sudden the media jumped on their graves like a fat kid on a smartie, trying to pinpoint fighting as the reason behind it. Meanwhile there are dozens of former players who dropped the mitts often enough who are doing well, with good jobs and a great mind. Some of them coach(ed) in the NHL. One of them is among the most important people in the game (Shanahan).

It is a little confusing to me here. You "like" fighting in the game but believe it should go because of player safety. I hope you also want to take shot blocking, body checks and hard slap shots out of the game as well. All of those instances cause more injuries than two guys dropping the gloves. You are looking out for player safety yet you want the NHL to turn into the Women's hockey league which is like watching paint dry. t.
A thousand times this. I don't mind and can kind of respect people whose opposition to fighting is philosophical. What I will never respect are people who disingenuously say " its for player safety". Its a canard and they no it but will never admit it. These players they are apparently "concerned" about are the players they call talentless hacks and goons and wastes of roster spaces.

what's even more galling is that I suspect that many of the anti fighting crowd secretly WANT a player to die in a fight as they believe it will be the precipitating event to usher in their agenda. That's not only disingenuous, its morose.

If guys have beefs to settle, I'd much rather they do in in the least injurious consential way where there are defined rules of conduct that are largely self inforced.

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