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11-25-2006, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sXe View Post
Ryder will probably look at 3M$ or close next year also? Why not blame him for us being unable to sign anyone? Why not blame Abby's contract, 2M$ for a backup is a lot also.
Personally, I'm taking it for granted that Abby won't be back next year, and that, in contrast to Bonk/Johnson and the Big Three D, he isn't really desired back either. So he's not in the picture. If Ryder plays well enough to ask for $3M (i.e. scores 30 goals), great. But then, he has been in the picture for a long time now, and as an RFA, his raise to that salary level is entirely predicated on how well he performs this year. Whereas Samsonov will get $3.525M next year even if he scores 10 goals this year. Apples and oranges.
I'll tell you why, because Samsonov is the new Bonk and everyone will probably do a complete turnaround on him at some point and forget about all those silly posts, like you seem to be forgetting about Bonk's past season.
Bonk's past season had a light at the end of the tunnel, though. But we also finished last season being able to project all kinds of cap room and no difficulties. (We ultimately ended up a lot closer to the cap than those projections, of course, but we still didn't lose anybody, and had room to add... Samsonov). Next summer is a completely different animal, because when you do the same payroll projection, and look at our expanded list of impending-UFAs, it's immediately apparent that we face the likelihood of a shortfall and we will be unable to keep the team together. So... more apples and more oranges.
I dislike Samsonov but not because of his salary. His contract is very reasonnable and anyone filling a top 6 role with his experience would fetch a similar price.
Like, Yanic Perreault, for example. One could compile lists all day and argue about the comparables. It doesn't matter. His contract may indeed be reasonable for what he does (or what we hope he does anyway), but the bottom line is that it's a contract that will hurt us next summer.
You could have had Mike Grier for cheaper than Bonk and get 10 times the results + grit + effort. Bonk is nothing special, he's effective in his role but overpaid. But of course you would give him a UFA contract and *newsflash* UFAs don't take paycuts so you would pay your 3rd line center close to 3M$ and than blame someone else for losing Markov or whoever? You just choose to look at one person.
I would take Bonk and what he gives us over Grier, fwiw. And yes, I would give all of Samsonov's $3.525M to Bonk for next season if it could get us out of Samsonov's contract. It would be a horrible overpayment, but at least we'd have a more important player than Samsonov for the same money. But that's neither here nor there, we can't afford to re-sign Bonk even at $1M... if we're going to have our Big Three D back, which IMHO is the most important risk to our competitiveness of all.
Finally, my whole point was that I took objection to you saying Sammy is the cause of our future projected cap problems that may or may not even happen.
They'll happen, and while it's not Sammy's fault (ok, say it's Gainey's if you want)... the simple fact of the matter is that he was the last player added to fill the cap, he's the player who is most easily replaced from within (Kostitsyn) and he's the player on the roster who is giving us the least bang for the buck. *IF* that continues (and I believe the whole thread is basically predicated on the concern that it will continue)... then it's his contract that will be the biggest eyesore when weighed against the difficult decisions that will have to be made about letting some of our UFAs walk in the summer.
Watch Sammy turn it up in his UFA year (next year) and then I'll have to be the voice of reason again and convince you not to re-sign him.
He will indeed have to turn it up, especially if we lose Souray or Markov along with Bonk and Johnson and don't make the playoffs as a result. I tend to hold my grudges, so in that gloomy scenario - even brightened with a brilliant season from Sammy - I doubt you'd have to do much convincing. I'm already cultivating The Grudge in advance, after all, based on hypothesis only! Once it blossoms fully, that'll be a doozy one to break!

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