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09-29-2013, 09:45 AM
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haven't read any of the esks thread yet from last nights game, but I will.

was at the game and my quick opinion about giving up 33 unanswered second half points is this:
Reed and the coaching staff are useless and should be fired.

Hervey, if you think this coaching staff can lead the team to championships, you are clueless and a fool.

it was awful to watch that game Why put old man joesph in? he is not the future of the team. Crompton should have been the QB in the second half.

also, I would love to know the directives given to the scoreboard operator. As always, there was a severe lack of replays. Just one example. First half, reilly throws an interception but there was a flag on the play. facemaking. I would have loved to watched a replay. no such luck. and it was like that all game.

I thought the refs called a pretty decent game.
Toronto seems to base their defense on late hits and dirty play. The refs were on top of it last night. I think toronto got 5 unnecessary roughness calls against them.

but when it comes down to it, the esks gave the game to Toronto. thanks Reed. thanks Joseph.

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