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09-29-2013, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
This seems to be the mindset of these boards when it comes to Gus, but not when it comes to other players. He's played 60 games (57 over the past two years). So let's just call it 30 a season. In two 30 game seasons he has started slow but finished strong. You are going to tell me that two 30 game seasons, where he has started slow but finished strong, is enough to tell you that the more he plays the better he gets? And if I said that about some random guy on the Rangers or Penguins, you would agree that two 30 game seasons is enough to tell that a guy should be given more time because he finished those two 30 game seasons strong? I find that hard to believe.

I'm not knocking the guy at all and saying he'll never amount to anything. All I'm saying is he has proven nothing at all, and simply giving him more time is not something I would do for a kid that was not a very highly touted player coming out of college, that the team doesn't have a lot invested in, and hasn't shown that he can be that player just to see if he will get better. If he plays well and they put him the starting lineup, great. But just sticking him out there to see if he can play well over an 82 game season isn't great "asset management" as you guys like to call it. Don't force it based on two strong finishes in two 30 game seasons.
Attempting to continue the development of a young, inexpensive player (who I believe is eligible for waivers) who has generally shown he can stick in a bottom pairing role is better asset management than putting a 4 million dollar, injury prone guy out there and praying he both returns to form and doesn't miss another 60 games when his back or shoulder or who knows what else fails him again after another routine hit or play.

The kind of injuries he's suffered and missed extensive time for are the type that can completely trash a player. Ask Parent about his back injuries, for instance. Or, how is Gagne doing after missing lots of time for injury? There are very few players who miss significant time over a few seasons and return as if nothing happened. I don't see how Mez is worth the risk, his ceiling isn't high enough to begin with compared to his cap hit.

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