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09-29-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by bigdogsnipedaddy View Post
Have to agree. Team looked very tired for most of the game. Regular reliable players looked anything but most of the night.
Not sure if anyone else has seen what I have the first few games, but I think Pelech is struggling many times through the course of games. He logs alot of time and needs to be A+ for this team to be successful.
Fox to me has been the mvp for the team up to this point; the guy does everything out there. Hopefully Williams will get some confidence after that one last night. Thought Betz showed alot of heart in limited ice time last night.
Agree he has struggled. Williams didn't looked good especially on the 3 and 4th goal. I don't they should have Raddysh with Pelech he is too young and his body isn't physically mature enough to play that much night in and night out. I think it could be hurting his development. Dermott, Abraham, and Donnay all looked pretty good last night, especially Dermott that kid is going to be a stud. As for the others not so much. Geneovese could get a suspension as well as Harper which call for some changes. I'd like to see Abraham move up with Pelech on the top pair and Raddysh move down with Felker or Dermott if CG is suspended. SA has been steady in all 5 games why not move him up. I've really liked the Dermott Donnay pair!

For me me fox has been a rock as well as mike Curtis! What a pickup! I hope this team isn't the one team every year that has all the talent but can't seem to stay healthy. That would be a real shame!

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