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09-29-2013, 10:34 AM
jukka ruskeeahde
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Hello you all!

And now some enlightment to the Canadese players of non-British-Franco origin, please!

I will present the first ones I know and guess: 1920: Icelandic, 1928: Mueller (German), 1932: Lindqvist (Swedish), 1935; Yéllowless (Native American?), 1936: Pudas, Saxberg, Milton (Finnish), 1937: Kozak (Polish?), 1938: Silverman (Jewish), 1939: Scodellaro (Italian), Kowcinak (Slovak?), 1950: Christiansen (Danish), 1951: Malacko (Russian?), Rimstad (Norwegian?), Siray (Hungarian), 1955: Shebaga (Armenian?), 1958: Bonello (Maltese), 1959: Smerke (Serbian).

Any additions and corrections are most welcome!

All the best

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