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09-29-2013, 11:06 AM
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Realistic Destinations for Lundqvist

The way I see it, Lundqvist is out to get both money and a cup.
Lundqvist currently is a star in New York, he loves the city, the bright lights, and is loyal his place in history with the blue shirts.

Therefore in order to compel Lundqvist to leave New York, a team will have to be a cup contender in better shape with Lundqvist than the Rangers. They also will need cap space to be a strong contender and afford him a big deal, and they'll have to be a big market or franchise with history and stars.

I don't think for example he would sign with the Ducks.
To me, he stays with the Rangers. The only other potential would be the penguins and that is a long shot. Consider:

1) Other possible teams could be Toronto, Montreal, St. Louis, Philly, and maybe the Islanders.
All other contenders have goalies (Chicago, Detroit, LA, Ottawa).

-Toronto arguably has goalies and even bigger, isn't a clearly better team than New York to win a cup. They have their own demons.
-Montreal might be better than Toronto, but they have a goalie, I'm not sure they are clear cut above the Rangers, and I don't if they the space and if Hank would go to a frankaphone non US city.
-Philly lacks cap space, again not clear cut better, pressure there is absurd, and I don't see Hank going to a bitter rival
-The Islanders? Hank is not going to leave MSG and the Rangers to go to third NY team in that rink, and that is not to mention the rival or question if a one time eight seed is really that better a place to win big.

2) The only remote possibility is Pittsburgh. The Pens are not the Red Wings of Osgood where they need a component goalie to not mess up. They are more like the Oilers where they need a goalie who can win them games, cover up for defense second approach.

The Pens have allure with Crosby and Malkin. They aren't a bitter rival like the Islanders or Flyers and they could have cap space by buying out Fleury, not re-signing Vokoun, which frees up 7 million just from goaltending.

This is the only real viable team to entice Lundqvist to go because with him they would significantly have a better chance to win and could afford him.

However let me finish by saying I see this as remote. I don't see Lundqvist bailing at 31 to be like the Miami heat. He isn't going to take a pay cut or go to a worse off team.
Now if he is 35 then I could see him taking a sunset contract to win if he has not already.

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