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01-15-2004, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
Right, Dagenais' a fine second liner. That's why he's been waived multiple times.

He has a big shot and a good amount of sense to get into scoring positions. He has chemistry with Ribeiro, but he's a terrible skater. Not only in terms of speed, but also strength on his skates. As such, he can't deliver bodychecks. He pushes players, but can't check. He does try though, which is good of him. Due to his speed, he has trouble playing up tempo hockey games, and really struggles in the transition game.

If Dagenais is caught down low or around the slot offensively while the opposition is in transition offense, then he struggles to get back into the play. This has hurt Montreal a number of times as they can't set up the trap in the neutral zone, and the opposition gains easy access into the Habs zone.

Dagenais is as much of a one-trick pony as there is. He's tried hard which is nice, but his skills just aren't there when it comes to stickhandling or passing. He has a hard time feeding the puck to Zednik (his linemate with Ribeiro), and more often than not he fails. If you watch him on Montreal's second PP (only time he's on the ice without Ribeiro), he coughs up the puck more often than not even when he's not pressured.

I don't want to be too hard on the guy because he does score goals, and he's got a heck of a shot. But there's more to being a quality forward than a good shot, and when he goes cold I'd be surprised if he remains in the lineup.
Very well said. For what its worth, i completely agree.

Dagenais is most certainly a "one trick pony". Thankfully he's performing that trick pretty well right now. I can live with Dagenais as long as he's scoring at a 25+ goal per season rate...but if Dagenais starts to slip, and his effort wains, then i wouldn't hesitate to get rid of him. After all Jozef Balej is currently tearing up the AHL and just waiting for his 1st crack at the NHL...My guess is that Dagenais is well aware of this situation, and that should be motivation enough for him to keep going at 100%, at least for the rest of this season.

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