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09-29-2013, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Off the top of my head I can't think of any, most likely because a guy who plays average over a three year 60 game NHL career on any other team would never be discussed on this board. Haha. Just my speculation that if Gus was on another team, or there was another player in a similar situation that the Penguins or Rangers board were talking about, many of those praising Gus would be calling those people crazy because the guy hasn't really shown too much in a very small sample size, but people are calling him a top four defender.
Or cause this isn't an all too common situation. Most teams have a pipeline of players and they give them an opportunity to play. Also I wouldn't call a Pens or Rangers fan crazy cause I wouldn't know enough about their players to say otherwise. What I do know is if another team was in a similar situation, and they got rid of Mez and gave Gus or a similar player an opportunity as the 6th d-man no one would think twice about it.

Oh absolutely. And I am not saying Gus sucks and shouldn't be taken seriously. All I am saying is that on this team, there are better options. I'm not going to play Gus because in parts of parts of two season he looked pretty decent. Just like I wouldn't play Eric Wellwood to see what he could become just because he looked pretty good. You play the guy who earns the spot, not the guy who might earn the spot if you give him the chance. You probably think that those 60 games over two years earned him the spot, that seems to be where I differ with everyone else. I don't think he earned anything. Did he show some promise? Sure. But that doesn't earn you a spot.
Wellwood only looked good while on Richard'ss wing, that's it. Gus on the other hand has looked at least ok with everyone outside of Gervais and Gill this preseason. Wellwood also never had significant ice time and played well with it unlike Gus. IMO it's a terrible comparison.

And no I don't think he earned a spot, my point is given the teams current situation and the fact that Gus and Mez aren't far apart in terms of play why wouldn't you give the guy with a potential future in the organization a shot to earn a spot. Next year the team will be yet again up against the cap and they won't have the luxury of having a 4 mil d-man on the 3rd pairing. A 1 mil d-man on the other hand would be just fine on the 3rd pairing. It would be smart to play Gus now while the d core is still mostly intact (Kimmo could potentially be gone and Streit/Grossmann/Coburn would be a year older and probably worse for it). If he doesn't perform as a solid 3rd pairing guy then you know you have to pursue other options. You won't have that luxury if you play Mez cause of what he used to be.

Again, cap hits don't matter if they are already on the team and they fit under the cap. And again, IMO, you don't play guys at the NHL just to see if they can succeed. I guess if you are in a rebuild you do that, but I don't see this team as a rebuild. I think they have a shot at the playoffs.
Yeah except the team is over the cap (capgeek isn't counting MAB which puts them more then .1 mil or whatever over the cap) and is only carrying 21 players, meaning they'll have to add a 13th forward at minimum. Sure you could but Pronger on LTIR but if easily avoided without losing much if anything in terms of quality players why wouldn't you? And again this kinda ties back to the point I made earlier which is you need to know what you have in Gus for next year.

Btw, this isn't just Flyers fans. A couple Avs fans on their board were talking about acquiring Gus instead of Mez and it wasn't for cap issues (unlike us they don't have any) or monetary considerations cause fans simply don't have those, owners/management does. They were also concerned with Mez's injury history and bad preseason after not having played much hockey over the last 18 months or whatever.

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