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Originally Posted by camboy View Post
In addition to the critism leveled at Reed and Joseph, Sams and Marshall....where the heck were our linebackers this game? Sherrit, Munoz, and Hill were invisible. Worst game I have ever seen from an Eskimo's linebacking core...absolutely weak and inexcuseable.

On the plus side, Howard was a beast. Hinds and the rest of the secondary had a decent game. White has potential, if he could get more than 10 touches a game. Oline showed some battle, but unfortunately only modest results.

Can't wait for the season to be over. Hope Reilly is ok.
Good points all.

Sherritt, in particular, continues to waive at people as they go by. And that's when he hasn't over-run the play. Would like to give him benefit of the doubt due to his finger, but just wasn't very good before the injury either.

Howard has been beasting it, no doubt. He mentioned he was suffering from a toe injury earlier in the season, but he's fine now, so that would explain a lot. Willis has been fine lately too. The other guy, Brandon Lang, is absolutely useless though and a waste of a roster spot.

I saw some decent play by the defensive backfield for the first time in a long time. Getting #15 out of there(injury induced as it was) was a big positive change by itself.

Grant Shaw continue to show he is the worst punter in the league. The guy has no clue how to kick a directional punt. Most kickers can angle it out on of the sideline, but he either kicks it through the end zone or short kicks it on a muff. And this is what we have to show for Ricky Ray.

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