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09-29-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Nobody cares how much cap space Calgary has. They are a rebuilding team. And they can't offer him 8 years.

Alfie could have gotten a heftier contract than what Detroit offered him. Why didn't he sign in Calgary for more? It's because he wants to win a Cup.

So does Lundqvist. And that's exactly why he wont' sign in Calgary for all the money in the world. He's not leaving NY, a competitive team that's made the playoffs every single year except for 1, for a couple thousand more dollars to play in Calgary.

Keep dreaming.
I don't think the NYR will let Lundqvist leave either - mostly because he's 90 per cent of the reason they've been competitive - but if it does come to that, what current contender could he go to that has the cap space and the vacancy in net? Pittsburgh would make sense, but they've got an awful lot of huge contracts already and would have to buy Fleury out to make the numbers work. Maybe Philly? NY Islanders, if Wang can be persuaded to break the bank? Edmonton, if they aren't comfortable with Dubnyk?

Lundqvist may wind up having to accept a hometown discount if he wants to play for the NYR or another contender. If he goes for the money, though, he may have to go somewhere that's trying to get to contender status rather than win now. He certainly would help turn any team into one a lot faster.

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