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09-29-2013, 01:38 PM
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Any and every team of course would want the best goalie in the nhl on their team ( arguably the best I know, Rask Quick on same level)
Just don't see him leaving NY and only slight possible way he leaves is not to be a merc
Making max contract.... It would also have to be a team that has a legitimate chance of winning .
As it has been stated before , there are only a few teams that meet the criteria:
1. Cup contender
2. Don't already have a 1a goalie (quick Rask Crawford Howard )
3. Have the cap room and $$ to offer max contract

I think that leaves MAYBE Pittsburg
St.louis and a long shot of Tampa Bay if they finish strong this year

Other teams that have cap room and need a goalie are not contenders yet and will be a couple years away from that
Teams like the Islanders , avalanche , panthers , oilers , are still a few years out from being true contenders and too risky to stick it out until they are viable contenders while Hanks prime years are ticking away

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