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09-29-2013, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Well I'll keep this scenario in mind and be on the lookout for a situation to see what people's reactions are in the future. Haha.
You do that.

He looked "ok" in four games this preseason with everyone other than certain players is now what we are going with for Gus? Throughout his illustrious career spanning across three seasons, he has looked I would say average at his absolute best, and he has not shown that consistently throughout this incredibly large sample size. Wellwood, I think is a pretty good comparison...a guy who has looked average or ok for part of his NHL time, and not so average or ok for other parts. I wouldn't put (a healthy) Wellwood out there based on his career thus far if there was a veteran option coming off an injury.
No I said he's looked at least OK (next time you might want to put the at least part in quotes since that's kind of important) and I wasn't talking about during the preseason as he didn't even play with Gervais in the preseason, I was talking about the past two years.

And Wellwood is not a good comparison, he's played about half as many games as Gus (which as you love to point out isn't very many) and again didn't have nearly as much responsibility during that time. I also think Gus has looked good (like finishing last season) while Wellwood never did, outside of four games with Richards.

Once again, obviously if he earned the spot, that is a different story, but you don't earn the spot by looking ok in a parts of parts of a couple seasons.
No you earn a spot by being OK years earlier before an injury riddled mess apparently. No one is claiming you earn a spot by looking OK, he needs to be given an opportunity to look more then OK. Having 60 NHL games over the past two years isn't really an opportunity.

If that is the tack you are taking then why not play McGinn, Raffl, and so forth. See what we have this year and deal with it in the offseason if guys aren't working out. Why make that exception for Gus but not McGinn? We need a third line winger and McGinn is young and has shown promise. Put him out there and just see how he does. If that doesn't work call up Raffl and see how he does. If that doesn't work call up Akeson so that we know what we have. That isn't how it works unless you are committing to a rebuild. You ice the best team based on what they do on the ice. Not their age. Not their contract. Not anything else. Again, if Lavi thinks Gus earned that spot, then ok. Suit 'em up and I'll shut my mouth. But I just don't think he has.
What veterans are McGinn, Raffl and so forth at least as good as and significantly cheaper then? As of right now it looks like Talbot is going to take that last top nine spot and he's a significantly better player who contributes on pk and is a leader in the locker room. Again not a good comparison, you're reaching.

So trade Mez. I have no problem with that. I have been expecting and advocating for that since pretty much day one this offseason. But if they are both on the team and under the cap, that is a different story. Trading a player because of a bad contract and injury concerns is fine. Not playing a guy on your team because of bad contracts and injury concerns is not a good idea IMO. And in terms of seeing what we have in Gus, I think we know. A bottom pairing defenseman. If Mez wasn't in the picture I would have no problem with Gus being there. But Mez is here for now.
And you're entitled to your opinion, I'm of the opinion that a younger player who has been just as good recently (though he was better in the preseason) and could be with the organization beyond this year should get the ice time and opportunity to grow?

It's become pretty clear this whole issue stems from the fact that you think Mez is a better player now then Gus when I don't think that's the case. I doubt I'll be able to change you're mind on this matter so whatever I guess.

Oh crap. I take back everything I said.
Good one. I was pointing out that this isn't just Flyers fans being homers or over hyping one of their young guys. After last season and the world championship, more then a few hockey people would take Gus over Mez.

Btw I hate to bring this up (not really) but I told myself I would when the time was right. Are you now willing to admit you were wrong about Eriksson? You said once he played on NA ice you would admit you were wrong, well he had a good camp/exhibition game with Van and is expected to be in the AHL this year.

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