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09-29-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRangers723 View Post
I still will bet he will be better in the longrun than new favorites miller and fast
Agreed. The kids head got so screwed up last year. He's in Hartford, then in the NHL, then back in Hartford then playing 4 minutes a night in the NHL, then back in Hartford then in the playoffs playing big minutes.

Sometimes players take a little longer to develop. I don't think it's effort issues at all, i don't understand where people are getting that idea from. There hasn't been one peep about a problem with his effort.

What it seems to me is that he doesn't quite get what type of player he is. He is a winger and I get the feeling (as i didn't see him much) that in college, everything was on his shoulders and he was playing all areas of the ice. He needs to realize, in the NHL, as a winger, it's up and down on one side of the ice. When he limits his game to that and takes a more simplistic approach is when he looks his best.

I understand why Torts did what he did last year. With the short season, every game was vitally important. But this year is a normal year. Start him in Hartford, get him to understand a game-plan and then call him up when he's ready.

Honestly, with the way last year was run, this is the first real year of his development that i will put weight into. If he completely ***** the bed this whole year, I will have my doubts, until then, i'll reserve judgement.

And i agree with the above poster who said many of you seem to want him to fail just to say i told you so. This kid has very high potential, as we've all seen. Him being successful is a huge bonus

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