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09-29-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by potsiev2 View Post
love how flyers fans grow some weird fondness for mediocre players like hall and turn around and want to run out the above average players due to unrealistic expectations
Players you could be talking about in the post-lockout era...

Bryzgalov: Absolute garbage. He and Leighton were in a battle for worst goaltender of the post-Hextall era in Philadelphia. And before you claim that I'm exaggerating in any way, remember that Leighton has a job. Bryzgalov? Not so much.

Gagne: "Betrayed" by the organization? Probably a little. I didn't like the way it all went down, but pretending that Gagne could help this organization is a little lofty. He was basically battling Read for a third line two-way sniper. We know that Read is a better player at this point in their respective careers. We also know that Gagne is not the right guy for Couturier's other wing. I've said all along that we needed someone physical, and the Flyers' brass seem to agree with me. Gagne wasn't going to be in our top 6, he wasn't going to beat out Read, he wasn't the right person for our 9th guy, and he's certainly not going to fit on the 4th line. That's that. Time to wash your hands. We'll see Gagne again in this organization someday if bridges weren't burnt too badly.

Carle: Hardly "above-average." Dude was a turnover machine and was asking for a big payday. He looked good next to Pronger, but he couldn't be covered for completely by Coburn or Grossmann. We swung for the fences on Weber, and it back-fired. Carle was hardly that significant a loss considering his cap hit, and Streit is pretty substantially the more impressive all-around defenseman. We got Schenn to replace Pronger and Streit to replace Carle. We downgraded from Chris and improved on Matt.

Meszaros: He had one job: beat out Gustafsson. While both did their best to hand the other that 3rd pairing role this preseason, you have to admit that Gus has been the better player in recent years regardless of Meszaros' injury excuses. Defensively, Gus' numbers were even better than Meszaros' before he got injured even if he does not match Andrej's production. Injuries have destroyed Meszaros' once promising career, and at 4.00m, he better at least be able to win a 3rd pairing job outright. He can't do that right now. There's no reason to consider him an "above average" player.

Coburn: People are stupid. This is the only one I'll legitimately give you.

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