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09-29-2013, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Why does salary matter if both guys are already on the team? And if Gus really is up to the task moreso than Mez is, well find out it in short time and Gus will be in there anyway. But again, neither player has excelled this preseason, so why give it to the unproven young guy? That has been my point all along. Why not go with the vet who at least has shown in his career he can play well. Gus playing decent in 60 games is not enough to me for him to get the nod over Mez with the preseason that both have had. Gus hasn't looked good, neither has Mez. But Mez has the resume to at least give credence to his being out there. Gus doesn't have that.
Salary matters because that's 4 million dollars that can be put, in case we need to upgrade in net (which looks likely). It's 4 million unnecessary dollars, especially if he's in the press box because of his recent crap play. It's completely pointless to have that. This is the cap age. You can't just carry extra cap hits for fun.

Just because "it's already on the roster" doesn't mean we should accept it. In fact, it should be made to go away. The team is tight against the cap and could use a little safety net.

And as for "why not go for the vet.." Have you noticed he's been injured for two straight years now? Like, constantly injured with new and exciting things. Two of them are major injuries that can have a huge impact on a hockey player; most troublingly, those weren't freak injuries either, they occurred from normal wear and tear...that's highly alarming. I honestly have no idea how you can justify keeping Mez around based on his preseason play where he was not only slow but making horrible decisions, and based on his very troubling injury history, as well as his cap hit. If anybody offers anything at all he should be traded.

I think Gus out there is also a question mark. This goes to my point of Gus getting a lot of undeserved love. If Mez is a question mark because he is coming off an injury, why is a guy who has played 60 decent NHL games over three seasons not a question mark?
They're both question marks. But it's not like they're gonna be on the top pairing. They'll be bottom pairing guys. I'll go with the reasonably priced question mark. Mez has shown no indication of being a puck moving guy who can bomb shots from the blue line, which we really need. Gus can at least do that. Right now, I haven't seen anything at all that Mez does well and the team has way too many problems to let him spend 20 games working out the kinks while hoping he doesn't get hurt again in the process.

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