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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Right. Except fighting had nothing to do with them having to retire. If anything, plays like this prove that fighting is important. Had Bertuzzi and Johnson just manned up and FACED their opponents none of this would have happened.
Bertuzzi wanted to fight Moore so bad but Moore declined him as he already fought Cooke earlier in the game.

Concussions will happen when fighting is eliminated. However, there won't be as many because fighting will be gone.

Plenty of them in the Canadian games. Lindros schooled Kasparaitis. But the most fights were in the Canada/USA games. It is commonly thought that Keith Tkachuk's throwdown of Claude Lemieux in a fight is a turning point to the Americans - who were always the bridesmaids - not backing down from Canada.
There were three fights. Two in the Canada/USA game and the Lindros one you mentioned. 3 fights in 19 games is not a lot. Most people believe the SC playoffs and international hockey are the most exciting games to watch where there is very little, if any fights.

Fighting is one part of the game that brings out a lot of animosity. Hockey needs this and at times we sorely miss this in our game - animosity that is.

This isn't exciting? It wasn't exactly in the medieval times, it was 2013. The Habs had every single one of their players fall flat on their back, which is no wonder they lost the series badly. You're sure you enjoy a good fight? Doesn't sound like it.
That is exciting. I have never said fighting is not exciting. However, I can live without it so players limit the number of concussions they have.

They don't need a goon. That is a word that the anti-fighting crowd likes to throw around. Bob Probert wasn't a goon. He was an enforcer who was a decent hockey player. He held the Red Wings single season playoff points record until Fedorov broke it. He played in an All-Star game. Dave Schultz had a 20 goal season once. Tie Domi once won a fastest skater competition among his Maple Leaf teammates. The pro-fighting crowd doesn't want guys who can't even skate backwards just so they can fight, but you can have players good enough to crack the top 4 lines that are still used as policemen. There is no way Probert would have ever let the crap that happens to Crosby happen to Yzerman. And you tell me there is not a need for fighting?
In today's game there is no need fighting. Pens just have Engelland and he had 6 fights last year. If Crosby thought he need protection they would pick some one up but they haven't.

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