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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Yeah, because Stevens' presence actually made Niedermayer less of a player than Desjardins...
Look dude, everything I have said has been to counter something you said in the first place.

YOU tried to diminish Desjardins based on the forwards he played, the system they played under and the rest of his D-corps he played with.

The POINT was that turning around and using this exact same metric for Niedermayer shows that he had even more support from his forwards and team system, not to mention that Nieds wasn't even called on to be THE guy defensively in the first place.

As far as "What the spreadsheets say"...
by all means if you can show us all another metric to use that actually supports the statement that Niedermayer was amongst the best offensive d-men in the League, we are all eyes and ears friend.

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