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09-29-2013, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Oh well. What can you expect. 10 years of putrid drafting is finally catching up to us (ok it did 3 years ago).

Giving Andy too much power and in general just blowing the draft was our big downfall.

I just took an honest look at our roster.

I would keep our OLine and McCoy on offense.
I am sick of DeSean even though he is the only decent WR we have left (not counting Maclin who is soft as well) but the dude should have been traded last year. He is way too soft and not a go to guy or a #1.
The rest of our WRs can be cut. No one worth keeping really.
Our TEs suck and have to lead the league in drops.
Ertz has potential but if his hands are as bad as it looks like, it could be another 2nd round failure.

On D I would keep Fletcher Cox because I believe he has potential.
I really don't care for the rest.
Barwin is decent and Cole should stay for the memories.
The rest? Utter crap. Especially our secondary.
Graham and Curry (if he plays) are no difference makers.

We have a star in McCoy. And a few decent OLiners.
That is it in the "star" department.

Will take a few years of good drafting to make up for that lack of talent.

Get rid of Billy Davis and for once get a solid D coordinator.
We haven't had one since Jimmy (R.I.P) died .
McDermott, Castillo, Bowles, Davis.

Not one of them has any business of being in charge of a D in the NHL
I feel for Chip and Shady.
Well I agree with the bold. Some other parts I think are overreaction to the whooping we just took. If you think, as I do, that the personnel on defense is pretty bad/ill-fitting then I don't see how you can be ready to fire the D coordinator after 4 games.

I think most of the problems we have offensively lay at the feet of the QB. It's hard to find a franchise guy but that's what we need, along with most of the other teams in the league. I agree that we might have to reassess what we have at TE, but it's too early to say we need new guys there. Ertz is young, Casey hasn't played much and Celek has been solid in the past. As for the WRs, missing Maclin apparently wasn't something we could take without missing a beat, but that's not surprising.

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