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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
You say "when" a lot don't you?
The word when is a commonly used word and I do use it frequently.

Do you really think the reason the playoffs are exciting is because there are less fights? Not because of the drama itself?
Definitely for the drama which leads me to believe fights aren't really needed for hockey to be exciting. They can add to the excitement, but like I said before, I care more about player safety, than I do about the small amount of entertainment value I might receive from watching a fight. I have illustrated numerous times in this thread the potential harm fighting can cause to players.

So what do you do when a fight comes on television?
I watch it. You can visit the MMA section on this board and you will see my posts in there. You paint people with brushes and judge them before you hear their argument. If someone wants to get rid of fighting you assume they are someone that never watches hockey and hides or leaves the room when a fight comes on.

They could have used some backbone last year against Boston. I don't understand how you refuse to see the role fighting still has in the game. Think about it from a player's standpoint. We are not on the ice with them, we are behind the glass, or even the TV. There obviously is a need for it if 96% of the players are still in favour of it. They are on the ice hearing the threats, dealing with the hits, the cheap shots. Fighting keeps players honest.
Toughness would have done jack. Pens scored two goals in four games. They couldn't score. That is why they lost. The Bruins lost to the Hawks who were a lot softer than the Pens. At one point fighting had a role but now it is a sideshow.

Give me examples where fighting keeps players honest.

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