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09-30-2013, 04:17 AM
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I also think that when the middle-class can afford more expensive sports we might see Chinese hockey grow. But since it's a winter sport I think it won't have that much of an affect. People will choose other sports or spend more on current ones.

Since playing in the Asian league seems to have no effect on popularity of the sport here in China, do you think if a Chinese(Beijing, Harbin or Shanghai) team would join the KHL or VHL would have a more positive effect? With similar fundings from Gazprom as European clubs receive.

Like I said in the KHL expansion thread before, I think that if there was a team in Beijing for example with good AHL-Americans and a few Asians in the roster I think it would be of more interest to watch than to watch the current China Dragon team with the worst roster in the league. Of course the Chinese players are not as good as the Japanese or Koreans, but the imports in Dragons are useless too compared to the other teams. Does anyone even expect them to win a single game, or even score more than 20 goals this season? I doubt.

I look at it like this.

First of all KHL is the next best league in the world, no doubt about that. So for any nation to have a team in this league means to be part of one of the biggest leagues in the sport. Hardly negative news for a small hockey nation.

Secondly, China and Russia has always had good relations, so if a Chinese team joins a Russian league it would be of positive effect in China from this point of view.

Thirdly I think that media would put more interest in this because of 1 and 2, so people would actually be able to read about hockey, and learn of the sport. Even if the news would just rise with a small margin it is still better than now.

1. What do you think, am I completely wrong or do you agree?
2. Would you rather watch a team of 90% imports and a few Asians play in KHL(China) or would you rather watch Dragons play in ALH?

Thanks to anyone who answers!

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