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09-30-2013, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by captaincrunch89 View Post
Slipped going into the cooler and there was a metal edge that was jutting out slightly, the whole piece of metal came off the wall.
Damn that fileted you!!!!!
"I'll take 'Workplace Safety' for $1000, Alex."
Originally Posted by vcv View Post
A little hockey, a little football, not sure where to put this but...

I sat next to Tyler ****ing Ennis during the whole bills game. Got some high fives in after TDs and INTs. Henrik Tallinder was also there but not with Tyler. He was with his family who was right in front of us.

Not washing my right (high-fiving) hand, at least until after my ice hockey game tonight.
They couldn't have been that high...
Originally Posted by cybresabre View Post
Batavia's great authentic Indian/Mexican combo restaurant has now become a frozen yogurt joint. The wife and I certainly did our part to keep them open, but the area just wasn't ready for new cuisine. The yogurt place has an unnecessary z in the name. Disappointing from every angle.

If we're doing battle wounds, here's the lovely hip dislocation that has slowed me down the past three weeks.
I immediately thought of the line in Winnie the Pooh episode where Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's hole after eating all of Rabbit's honey:

"Oh, silly me, that's not the speaking end!!"

On a serious note, that's pretty messed up...

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