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09-30-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by bahn View Post
And then the parents. (sigh)

I definitely had to make myself ignore quite a few parents giving death glares for some reason. Not exactly sure why, but it was an additional lovely thing that made the experience that much better. Trust me, I'm trying to avoid falling into your kids, believe me.

So yeah, apparently I'll just be doing this for another few months, all in an effort to skate better, just eating my humble pie as I fall more than the kids, and getting non verbal nastygrams from upset parents for some reason. (sigh)
1. Bravo on taking up the best sport there is!
2. IMO you're taking the best approach, it's obvious but 90% of it is skating and the better you get at it the more effective a player you will be. I love playing but always try and maek sure at least 50% of my limited weekly icetime is skating and other drills vs just playing.
3. Eff those parents, ignore them. I do Laura Stamm powerskating clinics here (Chicago) and the age group I'm put in is the 11+ group (I'm late 40s) and it's usually me and one other old fart and thirty 12-year olds' skating rings around us. Though parents here seem a little cooler about it, maybe more used to it. You do get weird looks the 1st time you walk in the dressing room with your gear though.
4. As you get better, some of those parental glares might turn into MILFs looking at you for other reasons . . .
5. Good luck!

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