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09-30-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Thats fringe argument type stuff, but the Kreider situation is very disappointing. This team's top LW is out, theres a new coach at the helm, and Ranger management continues to keep a roster spot warm for him over an 18 month period -- one that he can't take.

Whats worse is that the problem night in and night out for him if that he simply doesn't move his feet. He has no motor.
I mean I think we can all agree given the circumstances it is very disappointing.

The issue with the motor as I see it is two fold:

1. A combination of overthinking at times and at times not thinking enough. I know that is contradictory but I think we have seen both. Kreider is a very cerebral, accountable kid. He's extremely book smart. I have no doubt he at times is trying to calculate every cut on the ice he makes. And at NHL speeds that hesitation kills. The reason he is doing this is the second point, the game is not coming naturally to him. When he does fly in on the forecheck with reckless abandon he often picks the wrong guy or the wrong angle of attack.

2. I think there is a good amount of misconception still about the type of player Kreider is. He has NEVER had an elite motor, not even in prep school. Think about that. He has always been a burst/opportunistic player. Which was why I thought Torts' "play like Hagelin" gameplan was unwise. They are nothing alike as players. Hagelin is an elite endurance athlete with a world class motor; it is a big reason why he has been successful.

How to fix it:

1. He needs to get big minutes with a focus on simplifying his game. Get in on the forecheck, with x role. Look for a stretch passin the neutral zone at x time. Do not roam. Do not play east west. That can come in time when he adapts to the pace of play. It took him a while to adapt mentally to the pace of play at BC as well. He is a student of the game and has a strong work ethic. If it is possible for him to adapt he will; we saw signs of him doing that in his second AHL stint last year.

2. Simplifying his game will minimize the faults of his "lack of motor". Though it will take something unpredented for that to improve. It's more about him learning to utilize what he has, rather than trying to be something he is not

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