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Originally Posted by Bruce Wayne View Post
My only slight against the finale is that we don't know what happened to Jesse. There was nothing final about that at all. So yes they could have done better. But it was still tremendous.

Uhh, really?
Walt doing the machine gun in the trunk was VERY Breaking Bad esque. Reminded me so much of when he bombed the **** out of Gus Fring. Same sort of mechanics. Only this time he died by his own hand.

I honestly think the highlight of the episode was Badger and Skinny Pete having the laser pointers.
[spoil] imo Jesse getting free was all they needed to do. He's gonna do what he tried to do before it all went to ****. He's just gonna start a new life somewhere else. Just rewatched the ending...damn that last scene was perfect. The song, the panning out that mirrored the end of Crawl Space... Just perfect. [spoil]

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