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09-30-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by dougiebrown View Post
I was going to point this out if you hadn't. I read it from him over a week ago. Maybe it wouldn't only now be news to so many if posters around here weren't made to feel dumb for repeating his rumors.

People don't seem to understand that Eklund reports a lot of things that he's heard that are very early in development like this. Most of the time, they don't develop very far and fizzle out before they even get serious (let alone happen). If Pittsburgh had lost interest in Bryzgalov over the weekend, then all that we would've heard of their prior interest was Eklund's rumor, and, of course, many people would've assumed that he was plain wrong, since nothing more came of it. Instead, the interest has now heated up (Eklund's words today) and another reporter has picked up on it. In a way, that's fortunate for Eklund, because he gets validated, but it doesn't mean that, if the interest had died, instead, that his initial rumor was invalid.

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