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09-30-2013, 12:58 PM
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If fighting is going to be back-doored out of the game, it better come in concert with a completely different approach to calling the charging penalty. As in: if a player throws a bodycheck with some intention other than bumping someone away from the puck, in a world without fighting, that needs to be a (possibly suspendable) charge.

Otherwise, you're just going to see an arms race of rats like Zac Rinaldo taking the place of goons (answering cheap shots with cheap shots, instead of cheap shots with fights), which is going to result in a lot more people (and people more important to league viewership) on IR than you ever had when Stu Grimson or Jeff Odgers had that roster spot as the 12th forward.

If you ask me, neither future for the NHL (no hard hitting)/(an ever-increasing rat infestation) is an improvement over the status quo.

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