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Originally Posted by jaco View Post
Klaus Zaugg is the swiss hockey journalist. he knows quite a lot about the game and he certainly knows everyone that counts in swiss hockey. On the other hand he's paid by, and has to deliver every other day an article that makes a buzz... So, as long as he writes about NLA (which is his every day gig) he's certainly a reference. If he runs out of topics and starts to write about KHL (where he probably doesn't know everyone), I wouldn't take his words as the gospel....But still, McSorley (a canadian) who already wanted to transfer Servette from Geneva to Lausanne, because of better infrastructure and more public resonance, could really be the first one in Switzerland to jump on the KHL train, instead of being crushed by it.

Luethi (GM of SC Bern) is also a very clever businessman, but I really have a hard time in seeing SCB out of NLA (they fill their tiny 16.000 seater even against Rapperswil, which is the least attractive team in Europe....)

If you know, are SCB/ZSC clubs which supports ECC/ET? Or are they play here because there is no other option of international competition? If there was another option (KHL), would they switch comptetitions (KHL instead of ET/ECC)?

Yes, I understand that NLA without SCB/ZSC is crazy idea.. and nobody can imagine it. Then there is Q - could anybody imagine SM-Liiga without Jokerit in early June 2013?

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