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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post exactly the same argument that was made in favor of keeping six teams, the C Form, junior sponsorship in place of the draft, player choice in wearing helmets...
you know what the nhl has that the others dont ? changing on the fly. Should we play whistle to whistle to emulate these sports as well ? Because its only the NHL that changes players on the fly, its not so important lets just make if defined substituions to be more like the NFL and the NBA.

The things you mention dont change the game directly and if you dont think that football players bite fingers or, how completely emulatable try ,to gouge eyes that's laughable. So your fine with players taking liberties so long as you dont have to witness them ? That your problem with fighting is not that it is injurious its so graphic that it offends your delicate sensibilities ? if only players in the nhl could only do the manly think and cloak the way they settle beefs and take liberties, then everything would be peachy ?

irrespective of when you became a fan of the nhl, you became a fan of a league with fighting. If this makes you feel so icky that you feel compelled to act the squeaky wheel, I'm sure you can find a no check pick up league somewhere to follow.

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