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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
In the early days of hockey, officials actually had to place the puck between the two centers for a faceoff. It ensured an absolutely fair placement between the two.

Why was this practice changed?
I don't know, now they throw it down at center ice. What is the point your are trying to reach here?

Originally Posted by canucksfan View Post
Definitely for the drama which leads me to believe fights aren't really needed for hockey to be exciting. They can add to the excitement, but like I said before, I care more about player safety, than I do about the small amount of entertainment value I might receive from watching a fight. I have illustrated numerous times in this thread the potential harm fighting can cause to players.
Sure a game without a fight is still an exciting game. I don't think people really argue that, but there are a whole world of problems that can happen if fighting goes the way of the dodo bird.

I watch it. You can visit the MMA section on this board and you will see my posts in there. You paint people with brushes and judge them before you hear their argument. If someone wants to get rid of fighting you assume they are someone that never watches hockey and hides or leaves the room when a fight comes on.
Do you want MMA banned? I'm not an MMA fan, but it is very ironic that you are pushing for the end of fighting in the NHL because of player safety when you watch MMA.

Toughness would have done jack. Pens scored two goals in four games. They couldn't score. That is why they lost. The Bruins lost to the Hawks who were a lot softer than the Pens. At one point fighting had a role but now it is a sideshow.
They were pushed around like rag dolls that series. A fight at the drop of the puck would have set a different tone for the game and it certainly would have thrown the Bruins off. Imagine Iginla dropping Lucic like a stone at the beginning of Game 3, that would have quieted the crowd. I am not saying the Pens necessarily win, but that would have at least been something to try since nothing else was working. Conversely, the Pens probably win in 2012 against the Flyers if someone on the Pens takes Hartnell or one of the other Flyers aside and slaps him around for picking on Crosby - who was completely being thrown off his game that series (his fault). You keep asking why there is a need for fighting and I continually bring up examples from playoff years gone by.

Give me examples where fighting keeps players honest.
You can ask the commander in chief in the NHL that question. I can clearly remember a time when he was with the Rangers (Shanahan) and he dropped the mitts with Brashear because he kept bothering Jagr. And if you asked Jagr at the end of the game how he felt I'll bet you dollars to donuts he was glad Shanahan did this.

Keep asking, I'll give you precise examples every time. What you are unable to do is prove that it "doesn't" keep players honest.

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