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01-15-2004, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Badger Bob
Might've said more or less the same thing once or twice over the months myself. Nobody's going to offer anything mind-boggling, even though it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see him in a Devils uniform at some future date. For some reason or another, doofy trade proposals keep popping up in reference to Conroy. Why would the Flames want to trade him, unless they were out the deadline?

The main reason another team would want him would be to perform in exactly the same role he would, if he remained in Calgary. He also has the right attitude, and would definitely elevate his game under playoff pressure (i.e Selke-caliber). Our own "Rent a Player" is the perfect analogy. He'll be returning from injury at just the right time, and adds depth up the middle. A few of the Western teams might not be ecstatic about the prospect of facing the a healthy lineup including both Yelle & Conroy. This neutralizes the other's teams scoring lines dramatically, and opens up the ice for Iginla & Donavan.
I agree, I mean, depending on the financial situation, just think if the Flames played the Av's in the 1st round they could nuetralize Forsberg AND Sakic (well, you know what I mean ) I think Conroy can still put up numbers too, I would like to just keep him and try to re-sign him because the chances are he may not be worth alot and the open market may not be that excited this summer (barring an early end to the CBA) He may be keepable, plus if he walks over the summer and then the CBA changes everything, it might not be that big a deal as the whole league could be in turmoil theoretically. I wouldn't mind seeing him with Donovan and Reinprecht perhaps?

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