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Originally Posted by Bonzai12 View Post
Is CIV5 the latest? If so, is it any different than the other ones? I quit playing Civ a long time ago because it just never really seemed to change all that much?

I’ve actually went back to playing Capitalism 2 lately. Love that game, except it is super easy to beat. Very very fun though with additional humans playing (and the rule that you can’t make beds – easily the most profitable item in the whole game).

I think the company that owns Civ also owned Capitalism (or bought them out)
CIV 5 is the latest, though the last expansion pack (that I don't yet have) is basically CIV 6 from what I've heard, as the game changed quite a lot. (Brave New World)
I still play the 1st expansion. (Gods&Kings)

EDIT: Cyrus? That's, yeah not really interesting.

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