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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
You guys are whimps!

Helmets and shields should always be the players choice. As if they don't know the risk they take every time they step on the ice?

"Ooooohhhh - someone might get hurt!!!"

- "and don't skate too fast toward those boards, ok?! "
You really think a goalie should be able to choose not to wear a helmet? Should they be allowed to go without pads if they choose? They may be risking themselves every time they step out there but, there's a much greater chance of getting hurt without protection. There's overkill and there's just being stupid. There's no detriment to play wearing them and if there's less change these guys go blind from and errant stick or puck, I don't care if its tough or not.

That said, I don't like the hybrid icing. It was already a penalty to charge someone in an icing race. I don't like taking out regular icing.

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