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I'll be heading to many Kingston Frontenacs games once again this year. they are a young squad that is rapidly developing and should be one of the top teams in the league this year (3-0-1 so far).

Draft eligible guys to watch are C Sam Bennett, W Spencer Watson, and D Roland McKeown, who are all projected to potentially be drafted in the 1st round this year. Bennett in particular is likely to go high. D Dylan DiPerna is also expected to get called on draft day.

A bit about each guy:

Bennett - great puck control and has greatly improved his overall strength. he still has a lot of filling out to do, but his lower body strength allows him to protect the puck well and win battles along the boards. this year he seems more willing to throw big hits, although it's not really a strong suit. great wrister, good pass and quick. sees the ice well. plays on a line with Watson and Ikonen (mentioned below), who can really frustrate opposing defence with their cycle and net drive. Bennet especially drives to the net whenever he sees an opening for a shot.
Watson - like Bennett, surprisingly strong on the puck. less push but better stick handling and more creative. good shot. he excelled more last year more than the other Front rookies, but you can see his potential is not as high as Bennett and he will have a harder time succeeding at the next level due to his small size.
McKeown - an offensive defenseman with a strong stride. he reads the ice well, is a strong passer and shooter from the point using wrister or slapper. continues to engage more physically as he gains confidence/strength. i'm not sure his ceiling is as high as some think, because i just don't think his hockey sense is high enough.
DiPerna - similar traits to McKeown but has a larger frame and in my opinion, probably has a higher ceiling based on his ability to use it well. has shown better speed and a ton more confidence this season, so i am looking forward to watching his progression to see what he can bring.

Drafted guys include C Ryan Kujawinski (NJ), W Henri Ikonen (TB), and D Mikko Vainonen (NSH). Overage D Mike Moffat got a long look at NSH's NHL/AHL camps.

Kujawinski - is a big guy with a great shot. his stance and stature reminds me a lot of Malkin. fell in the draft last year i think because he tends to coast from time to time and doesn't engage as much physically as he probably should. this year has shown a lot more explosiveness in his skating which he has been using to his advantage.
Ikonen - Finnish import with a lot of speed, a good shot, good hitting, although not a lot of size. i think he was impressing TB fans in exhibition with his checking. Ikonen's been a favourite of mine for his intensity and all-round hard play.
Vainonen - another Finnish import. has a strong shot and plays a tough physical game. he seems to have taken a step back in his development this year and has making more mistakes with the puck and bad decisions.
Moffat - i mention Moffat mostly because he is one of my favourite players. he's a late bloomer who plays a strong shut-down defensive role, but can also chip in offensively. moves the puck pretty well and has a decent shot. plays a physical game. he reminds me of poor man's Eric Gudbranson from when he was here, difference being Moffat is not as sound positionally, not as smooth of a skater, and doesn't read the ice quite as well. Moffat has also come into his own a few years later in life than Gudbranson did.

I'll try to write more as the season progresses, but if anyone wants to know anything more about the team/players, let me know.

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