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09-30-2013, 09:06 PM
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My least favorite movie this year is Star Trek into Darkness. The plot was nonsensical, and in fact a mediocre, unapologetic pastiche of some superior works, like Wrath of Khan and Babylon 5. The movie's third act was a dull and loud neverending action sequence. It's particularly disappointing as the previous Star Trek movie was so much better.

My favorite movie of 2013 that I saw might be Oblivion, it had an actual plot, an actual message, great cinematography and characters that fit the movie. In the second tier, I'd put Elysium, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and Riddick as comparable. Riddick is quite dumb, but my expectations were low so it worked ... I really liked the scene with the glass box, and everything with the dog. Man of Steel might be the most disappointing, as I love the characters (both Lois and Clark), and the previews implied it would be amazing.

I did not see World War Z or Iron Man 3, I hear those are quite bad. I can't stomach another IM movie as IM2 was such a terrible POS.

Overall, 2013 is thus far disappointing for blockbusters.

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