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Originally Posted by FirmestPiano View Post
Be wary of that Jojo is a very over the top shounen though. Not everyone likes those. I haven't seen that many of them yet though so I find them very entertaining.

Yep, have heard very good things concerning AoT, planning on seeing that when all episodes are out, which is pretty soon I think(?)... Don't really read manga so I'm not sure how it measures up but, everywhere I've looked it's ratings are very high, so should be good.

Gladly take any other recommendations if you have any!
Hmm ok. Yeah I'm not always a fan of those types of animes but they are OK once in a while. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is still active in the manga state so I'm not so sure when it will be ending unless they plan to end the anime before the manga ends like they did with Deadman Wonderland. If that's the case I won't waste my time watching it.

As for suggestions, I'd be happy to, but it depends on what your thing is. So so much to choose from. Also it's worth expanding to manga if you have the chance. As with books and movies, much of the time the manga is better than the anime. The difference is that the anime is usually good and the manga better, where much of the time a movie sucks but the book was good.

Originally Posted by Rhodes 81 View Post
jojos is the **** and that's just how it is, i dare anyone to speak badly of it.
I'll speak badly of it if it's bad, but I have to watch it first

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