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09-30-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
I picked today. I had the first pick and went with Stamkos. I realize Crosby would've been a better pick but I couldn't do it. I'm not too happy with my bench, and I should've picked some players with better shot blocking stats. What do you guys think?

The stats are G, A, +/-, PPG, PPA, Blocks, PIMs, Short Handed Points, GWG .

C - Stakmos, Kopitar, Hodgson
LW- B. Marchand, B. Saad
RW- Voracek, Ryder
W- B. Galagher
F- S. Koivu
D- Subban, Kieth, Franson, Goligoski
G-Schneider, Nabokov
BN- Ott, M. Letestu, Valeri Nichushkin, Souray
What are the goalie stats? Yeah you should have gone with Malkin or Crosby. As far as blocks go, that's the only peripheral stat there meaning the only stat that's not really scoring related (aside from PIM) so I wouldn't worry about it. You might want a blocks and/or PIM specialist instead of a lower-end guy but for the most part you should just focus on scoring more then your opponent since that takes up the majority of the stats.

I like your team overall, but without knowing more about the league I can't say if having guys like Saad and Nichushkin on the team is smart. You have an interesting situation in goal with two guys in opposite situations and points in their career.

Originally Posted by Lolnowayhaha View Post
Stats are Goals, Assists, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, W, GAA, SV%, SHO.

Round Pick Player Position
1. (9) Claude Giroux C,RW
2. (16) Pekka Rinne G
3. (33) Taylor Hall LW
4. (40) Ryan Getzlaf C
5. (57) Jamie Benn LW
6. (64) Shea Weber D
7. (81) Alex Pietrangelo D
8. (88) Joe Pavelski C,RW
9. (105) Kimmo Timonen D
10. (112) Ondrej Pavelec G
11. (129) Brian Elliott G
12. (136) Brad Richards C
13. (153) Troy Brouwer RW
14. (160) Francois Beauchemin D
15. (177) Sheldon Souray D
16. (184) Daniel Alfredsson RW

12 man pro league with yahoo, first year in fantasy, I don't think I did too bad.
Congrats on your first year. You did okay for your first year, I was a horrible fantasy GM my first season. I hate the Rinne pick. Plays on a bad team, coming off a poor season (for him), and is more of a save percentage horse then anything. That early you should have either went with a better caliber fantasy goalie or waited to draft goalies depending on who was available. Your forward picks were great. However, since your league doesn't weight D scoring or have much in peripheral stats you shouldn't have drafted D so high. D score less then forwards. That's just a straight-up fact. A top-end offensive D scores at least 40 points. A top end offensive forward? At least 70 or 80. It's simple numbers.

No offense and take this as a tip since you're new to fantasy but your goalie picks are just bad. I already elaborated on Rinne, but Pavelec is only a good pick in a league that counts Saves which yours does not. He posts bad to mediocre numbers, his skill is in question, and he's at risk to lose his starter position constantly really (though only slightly). Elliott is obvious why. Historically a horrible goalie before St. Louis and in competition with a better goalie in Halak and a younger goalie in Allen.

Your taste for forwards is very good though.

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
In my keeper league, I have Joni Pitkanen and he's likely out for the season. I had a guy offer me Ehrhoff for a 1st (Likely to be 15th overall to 20th overall) and 2 3rds (Anywhere from 40-60). Is that a good deal to take?
Prospect picks? It depends on that and what the scoring is. If your league weights D scoring or something liek that do it, otherwise no. D is only important in leagues that go out of their way to make D more valuable (short of a guy like Karlsson). Though that's just what I think.

Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
20 team rotisserie league, with categories G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, FW, Hits, Blocks, Wins, Saves and Sv%. Positions are 2C, 2LW, 2RW, 2D, 2 utility, 1G, 1 bench. I had last pick.

1. Perry (20) - RW
2. Spezza (21) - C
3. Mikko Koivu (60) - C
4. Voracek (61) - RW
5. Hodgson (100) - C, RW
6. Elias (101) - C, LW
7. Seabrook (140) - D
8. Brayden Schenn (141) - C, LW
9. Cam Ward (180) - G
10. Slava Voynov (181) - D
11. Varlamov (220) - G
12. Jack Johnson (221) - D

The key categories that always make or break this pool are faceoffs and blocks. I have three dedicated centres (Spezza, Koivu & Hodgson), plus a couple guys that win faceoffs here and there (Elias & Schenn). I took a third defenseman to help with the blocks.

A secret I figured out a couple years ago for this pool is to draft goalies who play a lot on medicore teams... and only play them on home games and the occasional road game. Because there's only one goalie spot, it works out well... though there is only one bench spot, which is then occupied by one of your goalies. By the end of the year I do a lot of add/drops to max out games played by other positions.

It feels weird to have two Flyers. Over the last 3 years, over 6 different pools, the only Flyers I ended up drafting were Timonen and Pronger.
You're a smart fantasy player. My first fantasy league had the normal scoring cats, PIM, goalie cats, and FW. I knew that drafting high scoring centers that win FW was the key to winning because then I get the scoring in addition to the FW stat that wingers just don't give you so you're essentially getting more production out of centers then other skaters. You picked up on that apparently.

Koivu and Spezza are terrific in leagues that count FW so it was smart picking them. Guys like Schenn will add a bit extra, but I think you should have picked another FW guy that can contribute secondary scoring instead of Hodgson (unless he's better at FW then I thought). You picked D last generally which I love and your goalies are a mixed bag. They'll be big guys for the Saves category but their Wins and Save Percentage will be mid to bottom-tier. Luckily though most of your categories are skater-based so as long as you win Saves that should be enough.

A to A+.

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