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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post

I'd rather the Sens had Price, personally. But I also agree that Gainey and co are not stupid, and by stating my personal perspective I don't mean to imply that I put any faith in it. I see what I see, but hopefully I see all the wrong things! (And fwiw, despite what we always hear about his great mental prowess, one of the things I get from watching him is that he actually seems to lose focus at times and it always strikes me as that plus the inconsistency issues would seem to fly in the face of this reputation he has for being so mentally strong.)

Anyway, again that comes back to the whole point of Whitesnake's thread... to get more actual game observation stories about Price, and here I am contributing once again to the same ol' same ol' premature draft hindsighting. Sorry!
I think the "mentally strong" aspect of his game comes from the fact that, most of the time, he gives a badly managed team a chance to win every night. He's no model for stoicism perhaps but he's not Ron Hextall either. He's just a kid with talent.

Like you, I've seen him play a few times - this year included. He's a good goalie in Junior, no question. Whether he can be an elite goalie in the NHL remains to be seen. He certainly has all the attributes. Put him on a team with a better defense and this conversation would likely be about his technical shortcomings, not whether he was a bad pick. This is not hype, just a statement of fact.

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