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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm gonna have to disagree. He doesn't start off completely lost. That's what is so great about this show, the downward fall of Walt and how he progressively becomes worse and worse.
Counting how much he needs to make to secure his family's future is just a reason that he creates to justify increasing production/tapping out new markets/making more cash. We're also never told exactly how much he needs to make, all we know is that whatever he's currently making, it's not enough.
Walt quickly gets into this feeling of empowerment. He loves every bit of it. That's why he always wants more.
The first episode of season 2 is titled "Seven Thirty Seven" , because in it Walt calculates what he needs to make to clear his mortgage and LOC, put 2 children through state college, and give a reasonable amount to his family to live. He then calculates he needs 10 or 11 more cooks to make $737K.

In the episode where he has the CT scan, he sees the results and interprets them as bad, his immediate reaction is to fake a trip to his mothers and do another cook because he's short on time.

There is overwhelming evidence that Walt set out on his path to financially secure his family's future, and this is what drove him initially.

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