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09-30-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by I Eat Crow View Post
Kuroda stunk in the second half. He got tired after the all star break. Move on from him. Granderson is injury prone too, goodbye. We're unfortunately stuck with Ichiro and Wells. Both aren't bad bench options, but neither are every day players at this point in their careers. There's an open spot in the outfield. Gardner and Soriano have LF and CF all but locked up. Maybe they move Soriano back to 2nd base if the Cano negotiations go absolutely nuclear. Who knows. I do eventually think the Yankees will bring Cano back. I'd give him close to the money, but I wouldn't bring him back for the 10 years he's asking for. I think GM's have learned their lesson from the ARod and Pujols contracts.

The rotation next season should be CC, Nova, Pineda, and Phelps. The 5th spot can be filled by a kid that wins the spot or a free agent.
That team won't make the playoffs.

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