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Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
While everyone is entitled to his opinion, I think you're trying too hard on this one...

There's no doubt in my mind that Walt's first motive was his family. He then got caught up in a downward spiral the moment Skylar discovered what was happening and turned on him. I don't recall the exact season/episode, but I remember Walt saying at that point (paraphrasing) "Cooking meth is all I've got".

He wanted to provide for his family, the one and only thing he cared for... But once his family turned on him, he had nothing left outside of his drug empire. And so he just kept on keeping on.

At least that's how I see it.
That's what I always felt. I never believed he was doing it for his family. It seems like a rather odd thing to do.
How does a man so in love with his family decides to go into the meth business? How does that man not go through the safer route of simply asking his billionaire friends that are more than happy to help instead?? After all, Elliott doesn't just offer to pay for treatments, he offers Walt a job with plenty of benefits and security.

But I also just mentioned in the previous post. Walter admits to Skylar that he never did it for them, that he did for himself. That it made him feel alive.

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