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11-26-2006, 01:06 PM
joe sacco
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Trading Partners

Trying to figure out where deals could come from, realistically.

Montreal Depth/Trade Likelihood Overview:
Saku Koivu: Will not be traded, but may wind up on the IR at some point.
Tomas Plekanecs: Unlikely he will be traded but you never know.
Radek Bonk: More valuable to us than any return he would bring.
Steve Begin: Good 4th line player, again, return would not be worth losing him.
Garth Murray: Nobody would be too interested.
Left Wingers:
Sergei Samsonov: Have been rumors but his play has picked up as of late. The
way I see it, any trade involving him would either bring in draft picks, second-
tier prospects, or similar, underachieving veterans. I think Gainey will keep him.
Chris Higgins: Untouchable.
Guillaume Latendresse: Also can't see the Canadiens trading Guillaume.
Mike Johnson: Great on PK, and even strength. Will not be traded.
Right Wingers:
Alexei Kovalev: Unlikely a team could absorb his salary, or would want to.
Mike Ryder: Has been a lot of speculation, and he is relatively cheap. Could be
used as bait to bring in a veteran later in the year.
Alexander Perezhogin: I don't think the Canadiens want to trade him. He has been
consistently solid all year long and fits in great on the third line.
Aaron Downey: See Garth Murray.
First Call-Ups:
Andrei Kostistyn: I can see him being traded. Not likely but I can see it. He could
fit in well on a team with less depth. Having Pleks, Gui and Perez makes it easier
to see happening.
Maxim Lapierre: Could be moved as an afterthought in a package. Chipchura
makes him more expendable.
Jonathan Ferland: Would not bring much return.
Mikhail Grabovsky: Not too familiar but have heard good things. Unlikely?
Ben Maxwell: Also having a good year. Unlikely teams would give up much for him
at this point in his development.
Kyle Chipchura: I think it would have to be a pretty sweet deal to pry him out of
our hands.
Andrei Markov: Will not be traded.
Craig Rivet: Hasn't had the best year but is very solid in his own end. The return
of Boullion could make him somewhat expendable though.
Sheldon Souray: Too valuable to us at this point. Second on the team in scoring.
If we're gonna gear for a long playoff run we have to keep him IMO.
Mike Komisarek: Will not be traded.
Francis Boullion: Won't be traded. Very affordable, versatile, and solid.
Mathieu Dandenault: I don't think they'd want to move him either. Can fill in
admirably up fron in a checking role when needed and brings leadership, and solid
Janne Niinimaa: Wow, that salary will be a tough sell. A team would need to lose
a lot of defensemen to injury, and the Canadiens would have to accept an
underachieving forward of somewhat similar salary (See: Kyle Calder, etc.)
Mark Streit: Hasn't been too reliable but he could be moved to a team looking for
a solid 5/6/7, or 2nd PP unit guy. Wouldn't bring much but we don't have much
use for him.
First Call-Ups:
Patrick Traverse: No, No, No.
Dan Jancevski: Really can't see him bringing in much.
Ryan O'Byrne: Will not be traded.
Mathieu Carle: Too soon in his career to generate much interest.
Alexei Yemelin: They'll want to see him in Hamilton before they look into trading
Christobal Huet: Our number one guy, can't see him being traded.
David Aebischer: You never know. Is relatively cheap, but I think the Canadiens
will want two potential number one guys, as many teams are doing now.
First Call-Ups:
Yann Danis: I don't think the Habs would want to trade him, but we have a log-
jam in nets. I'd say he's the guy who will back up Huet for the next few years.
Jaroslav Halak: Again, could be moved, but would he generate much return?
Chris Heino-Lindberg: One of these two should be moved.
Carey Price: Will not be traded.

As you can see, we should be looking for a 2nd line center, and perhaps a right winger who can play on the top two lines as well. We have an abundance of defensemen, of which i think Streit, and Niinimaa would be the most likely to be dealt. Up front the, I could see Ryder being trade bait, along with Plekanecs, and perhaps a prospect such as Kostitsyn. Also a goaltender (I'd say Halak) could be moved. Draft picks could be included in deals.

Please discuss this information and make reasonable proposals based on this.

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