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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
That's what I always felt. I never believed he was doing it for his family. It seems like a rather odd thing to do.
How does a man so in love with his family decides to go into the meth business? How does that man not go through the safer route of simply asking his billionaire friends that are more than happy to help instead?? After all, Elliott doesn't just offer to pay for treatments, he offers Walt a job with plenty of benefits and security.

But I also just mentioned in the previous post. Walter admits to Skylar that he never did it for them, that he did for himself. That it made him feel alive.
I'm not defending the path he chose. Not accepting the money from his billionaire "friends" was nothing more than his ego and his pride getting the best of him. He probably also felt cheated by them due to how successful they became based on his contribution that went for the most part unnoticed.

I just don't think it HAS to be a black or white thing. He said throughout the whole show he did it for his family, but I think most people were aware there was some sort of breaking point that changed his mentality from providing for his family to living his actual life through Heisenberg. Walter saying in the show's finale that he did it for himself is, in my opinion, a sort of way to apologize for what he ended up doing to his family, basically ruining Skyler, Jr., Marie, his newborn baby and even Jesse's life. Like it's been said, he was looking for redemption and to die in peace, and to do that and tried to take away all of the blame with him (not that it should have been shared with anyone else to begin with, but him getting into the meth business in the first place to provide for his family sort of indicates that he did it because of them.

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