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09-30-2013, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I think that's BS. Initially, he doesn't even want to do his treatment. He wants to live for as long as the cancer will permit him to do so. As we know, he's a very sad, disappointed and somewhat depressed middle aged man. I think he views this as an opportunity to finally get some excitement in his life before calling it quits. As a reason, he focuses on his family and makes himself believe he's doing it for them.
But as he says himself, he did it all for him. It made him feel alive.

He did such a good job convincing people he was doing this for his family that even after he says that he didn't, some still believe he did.
Again, love your input, but you need to stop making it sound like what your saying is "concrete" and that youve figured it all out ,

I dont deny he is what you say and what he believes later on about cooking, but its really quite possible he wasnt BSing about making that 737k JUST for the family, go back and watch the scene and really WATCH it, he's in way over his head, at this point he's not thinking about loving cooking meth and wanting to be the number 1 dealer, its genuine , he's ONLY thinking about the family at this moment, there is nothing else, he believes he is going to die and that he wants to leave something meaningful behind,
He's not thinking about owning the meth game when he's so positive he's going to die, dont do the things he did for "more power" just because he's about to die soon, he's about to die soon so time is running OUT on being able to make all this money for his family before he dies...its simple really...

after he beats cancer, he's beaten it, and now becomes greedy and then starts sliding down the aweful path, as you and others say "he isnt "turning" evil, he was always evil and disguising himself as a good man" , thats always gonna be up for debate, and could be true, but you cant convince me he was "evil" in that 737 moment, he's just a scared dying man who has found a way to make alot of money fast, for his family.

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